We are the group formed by professionals from different areas of university knowledge that we have focused on the development of academic research. In order to support students and researchers for the development and development of their different university jobs and scientific research.

Before being teachers, we were students. Therefore, many of the doubts we had at the time of doing the degree work, we have seen reflected in our students. For this reason, we know not only the methodology to be used in the research work. We also advise in the specialty of some careers. And above all we use a simple language so that the students understand us and we can advise them throughout their university research.

We are motivated in this area, since more than a job, it is an activity that we like and we have managed to prepare students that upon graduation are incorporated in higher education institutions as advisors in the area of research methodologies, which for us It is a pride

Why us?

We want to develop articles that reach university students and professionals to reduce the stress generated by this type of scientific research. Since the thesis, thesis, research projects and internship reports, have a structure defined according to the rules Apa and / or Vancouver for example. Which, the university students present / display difficulty to develop them and is originates that it is so difficult its elaboration.

The blog is intended to reach all types of audiences. Especially to those who have the need to develop a degree work. Involving ourselves with the student, taking him by the hand, from the beginning or as we call it, “the first steps“, until he manages to successfully complete his research. Including recommendations for the defense of it. We also guide them in their initial interview to get their first job as a professional.

Mission, Vision and Reach our team


Facilitate the development of academic research papers as an aid to achieve the goals of students in obtaining their educational qualification or certification.


Encourage research as an educational strategy within the profile of the professional.


To all the students and university advisers in the research works.