How to select the title of the Degree Thesis

How to select the title of the Degree Thesis

Selecting the title of the Degree Thesis is one of the great uncertainties presented by the student. Regardless of the level of the study you are developing, be it basic, undergraduate, postgraduate or specialization.

This is due to the fact that many of the students want to place a degree that impacts the jury. Perhaps because they consider that with the title of the Degree Thesis, they will achieve a higher grade.

Perhaps, this is true, but in this article we will focus on the creation of the title of the Degree Thesis. That really corresponds to the investigation that is going to be carried out, delimiting it from the beginning.

The experience as a thesis advisor has shown me that the more we explain to the students the “How” is done, we achieve an opposite effect and the doubts and questions are duplicated.

A simple technique to determine what is the title of the Degree Thesis that reflects the research you want to perform, is to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem?

If we already have identified the same, we will know what we want to do, there we detect the modality of the study, framed in an evaluation, analysis or diagnosis, proposal, action plan, strategies, design, among others.

  1. Where will the investigation be carried out?

The area, space chosen to perform the thesis, is important to determine, where it will be done. Since if we select the university where we are studying and we do not delimit, the population will be constituted by the students of the same one.

Or if we want to know which people like to eat ice cream, for example, we will never be able to carry out research, because of the broad population.

  1. When will the investigation be conducted?

To place the delimitation of the time, is also important, since if we are going to carry out a field study and we will move to the site. We must take into account, how many times, in what time and what days the investigation will be conducted.

For example, if we are going to study what kind of audience attends movie theaters for a certain movie. Most likely, if we go on the night show we will not find minors. If instead we go to a matinee or to the first function of the day, the audience will be children and adolescents.

  1. Examples to generate the degree thesis title

A colleague indicated that the title had a formula, which consisted of the purpose of the general variable and the particular variable of the investigation. This formula has helped me a lot to determine the titles. For example, I will study the children of a certain school, which ice cream flavor they like most or prefer.

First I identify what age I will study and to what degree and section I will choose, in addition to the sex and shift. The title should be: Diagnose (purpose) which is the preferred flavor of ice cream (general variable) in children (particular variable) of 3rd grade, section 2 “a”.

Tuno tomorrow, at school, xx, located in the city, such state and country xx. If at the time of making the title is not the delimitation of the subject, you may not get your thesis completed, as the population and sample can become infinite.

As you can see it is not so complicated, you just have to be clear about what you are going to do. What is the problem and with these data you will develop the study.

The important thing is to identify the problem that is going to be solved, since in a company, you can find several problems. Some related to the main and other products of work dynamics. Only determine one and focus on it, if you try to solve them all, you will not be able to finish your thesis.


One of the practices I did with my students before selecting the problem and choosing the title of the thesis was the following:

Visit the site where they would conduct the investigation. On that first visit, they only had to observe and write down in a notebook what they considered to be wrong or had weaknesses.

After that tour, they met with the manager or manager of the company and asked him what was the problem that he considered the most “urgent solution”. To what usually indicated several situations.

Subsequently, it was selected which topics were in the professional area of ​​the career and / or in the research lines of the university.

Finally, a brainstorming session was held with the participants. Where a micro of the problem was plated, and the possible solution to it was sought.

According to what you will find in that approach of the micro. The title of the Degree Thesis was determined.

Final observations

Oh by the way, a final observation, do not mix two modes of study, such as evaluating and proposing or proposing and evaluating. Although it seems like a play on words, the first one indicates that you will carry out an evaluation and you will make the proposal.

The case of the second one you will make a proposal and you will carry out an evaluation to see if it was effective.

This process may be indicated for master’s and doctoral theses, but for undergraduate throughout the same, you will not be able to finish on time.