Our services

Our services

Among the services offered by our website are the following:

Counseling and Consulting service for thesis.

They are aimed at university students, researchers, teachers interested in the subject and public in general.

The thesis advisory service is aimed at supporting the student in the preparation of the chapters that make up the thesis of the degree (thesis, dissertations, research projects and internship projects). Under the guidelines established at the University where he studies. Making the revisions and indicating the corrections that are necessary according to what is indicated by your guide teacher or tutor.

Generating ideas about some specific questions in your academic research work.

In relation to thesis thesis consultancy, it consists in clarifying specific doubts about certain aspects that the student or researcher has doubts, suggesting possible topics of thesis, possible titles among others. It is to answer only specific questions that imply a previous investigation.

The investment for these services will be adjusted according to the needs of the interested party, by means of a contribution which will be based on the needs or weaknesses detected in the degree work.

Standards review services and writing of the contents of the research works

The service of revision of the norms used is provided according to the requirement of the university where the title is taken. The interested party must send the document in word format to make the necessary adjustments under the guidelines of the standards used. Currently we work only with APA standards and VANCOUVER standards. In this service, content is not modified, only the wording and spelling are revised and the rules are adjusted. If the author issued bibliographic references, the observation is made so that I send them and adapt the quotation and reference to the applied norm.