Practical advice to choose a good thesis topic

Practical advice to choose a good thesis topic

One of the most common problems presented by university students to develop is the topic of thesis in their research is how to choose or choose a good thesis topic. Since in general, they do not have a defined orientation towards which area of ​​their professional training should be focused.

If we consider that “the most difficult thing is to take the first step”, we can apply it completely to start our thesis. The thesis topic is that first step we need to start our degree project. In this article I will develop some practical tips to choose a good thesis topic, which will help you take that first step.

How do I select the thesis topic?

If you turn to the professors of the university, each one of these expert teachers will show you different thesis topics according to their specialty.

Additionally, in your university they manage the research lines that relate your curricular units to the different thesis topics that you can develop.

So, you are at the end of your academic studies, you want your degree project to be the best thing that has passed through the qualifying jury, to stand out with it and to pass with honors. Since as indicated in the previous article, it is your first job as a professional.

If you are one of those who take days and nights thinking about the topic of thesis and can not decide on one in particular. Today I will give you some recommendations that I am sure can help you:

Practical advice to choose a good thesis topic

Avoid complex and controversial issues.

Remember the following, the most complex research topic is not always that you get higher marks. The important thing is the development, the approach and that meets the characteristics that your university demands.

And if it is controversial, you must be very well prepared to answer the questions and the different arguments that can be originated by the professors that evaluate your thesis.

Evaluate what your personal interests are.

It is important that you know your weaknesses and strengths, in addition to which topics you have more empathy. If you do not like the topic or you do not have the facility to develop them, avoid it.

The safest thing is that you abandon the thesis and do not complete it. Take the following questions:

  • Which subject did you find easy?
  • Do you have work experience in the area ?.
  • If the previous answer is positive: In what area of ​​your career?
  • What issue do you prefer?.

So, look for your strengths and choose the theme to be developed. Here we must include which curricular units you most dominate and like.

Not all the subjects you studied you liked and not all were excellent, so, determine which you had less problems and you liked, from there you can choose the topic of research to develop.

If you already have experience in an area of ​​your career, the topic interests you and you like it, brings knowledge to your career and, in addition, is original and viable. You already have good part of possibilities to finish your investigation.

Selection of tutors or teachers who will guide or work in the university.

Another important factor is the tutors, those teachers who will advise you during the preparation of the thesis:

With what do you have empathy?

Who of them did you understand their classes better? This is extremely important, and he will be the one to advise you throughout the work.

Remember that the teacher or tutor must be a specialist in the area you have selected, have time to advise you and also have a broad criterion that allows innovations in the subject of study. And the most important thing that motivates you to finish your thesis.

That does not present difficulty in the bibliographic resources.

If the thesis topic is innovative, it means that there may not be much information about it.

You may have difficulty developing the theory and research background. Therefore, you should use primary sources external to the university library.

The bibliographies are fundamental in the research, they provide information, seriousness and knowledge of previous authors who have developed similar topics.

It is difficult for you to investigate an issue of which there are no previous findings and works. So when having a possible topic, investigate if there are enough bibliographical sources, updated that contribute to the investigation.

Develop a positive attitude

Remember, enjoy the development of your degree work, start the same with a positive attitude.

Do not see it as an obligation, since it is not only a requirement, it is a way of demonstrating that you learned and that you can be creative to solve problems.

Learn to Delimit your thesis.

When the thesis is delimited, it is easier to complete it. Avoid ambiguities and from the beginning select the theme. What aspects you will cover, when it starts and ends and what you will do.

Do not mix several activities together as they relate and do not generalize in your thesis title. It was specified in the topic that you are going to investigate.

If you study Civil Engineering, architecture or any career that is managed with the area of ​​urbanism:

Your subject should focus on that area, so the problem can be achieved up to where you live. Since if you live in a building, you can evaluate its infrastructure if it is presenting weaknesses.

On the contrary you are from the area of ​​Social Sciences, such as Accounting, Economics, Administration, Industrial Relations:

Search for a company and interview the manager or Owner of the firm, the smaller this is, the more trouble they will have, there you can find yourself with any Micro-company or PYMES. Whether it’s pharmacies, warehouses, supermarkets, department stores, they sure need your help.

You are studying laws, you can make a simile or comparison (contraposition) of them. This would help you to make debates between professionals and you would learn with practice when having to go to a trial.

And if you are a teacher, you can develop topics about learning, weaknesses that affect your students, I am sure that in your classroom you will find thousands of topics to investigate.

The important thing about how to choose a thesis topic is that you do not complicate your research topic, do not perform evaluation and plan of action, if you are an undergraduate student.

Why? Because the time will not reach you to do all that work. you will get bored and abandon the thesis. or it simply will not be ready at the time indicated by the university.

I believe that entrepreneurs have been growing worldwide, since they detect a weakness and take advantage of it, so it converts your thesis into a venture.

Avoid closing to the various options. Not because the subject is complicated or simple will affect the final grade, since it is a set of factors added to the moment of being evaluated.

Many times, the important thing is to get a problem, where we can develop our academic knowledge, and it can be in the corner of your house, just open your eyes and look around.